“How good it is to see Your church restored in worship
And to see that You have renewed her in love,
That is why, O Father God, with nothing stopping us,
We worship Your Son that has made us one.”

Worship is a way of life, not just a style of music.
A music performer and producer, Asaph Borba has been teaching on worship for more than three decades throughout his native country of Brazil and in more than fifty other nations. But his message is about much more than music. For Asaph, worship is a way of life: God wants so much more than a PowerPoint of praise songs. To the Father, the most essential thing is being rather than doing.

Asaph Borba draws from his rich personal experience to explain why God is interested in our heart and its motivation far beyond any action or practice. His insights minister to a global church reeling from rapid changes in the way worship is done by bringing home this foundational belief: if we learn how to transform our daily faith into a motivation of love, we will learn how to truly worship.

Sobre o autor: Asaph Borba was born in Coronel Fabriciano, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1958. Born into a Christian home, in his teenage years he became involved with drugs but had an experience with Christ in 1974, in the Wesley Methodist Church in Porto Alegre. Under the pastoral care of Erasmo Ungaretti and Moysés Cavalheiro Moraes and the close fellowship of American missionary Donald Stoll, Asaph became a well-known worship minister in Brazil and worldwide. Over the past three and a half decades he has composed many songs that have become part of the new Brazilian hymnology and brought great impact to his generation. Through discipleship and pastoral ministry, Asaph cares for the lives of musicians and pastors in cities around Brazil. A graduate in journalism, by the Methodist Brazilian University, he is the director of Life Communications, married to Lígia Rosana, and father of Aurora and André.

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