Preachers are often seen on television preaching about prosperity, wealth and happy-go-lucky living. They beg for your money and in return you’ll suddenly be “blessed” by God. Is this however real faith or just hashtag faith?
In Pastor Chris Buscher’s revealing book Hashtag Faith (A Powerful Gospel in the Hands of a Distracted Generation) readers will learn the difference between true faith and materialistic faith that defies Jesus Christ’s original gospel. In this book, readers will learn about the historic, uncompromised truth of Jesus Chris that comes directly from the bible.

Hashtag Faith will teach readers how receive the word, accept it and start living their life through Christ alone without any fillers or lies. Pastor Buscher explains that we’re only one generation away from losing the undefiled word of God and how through following Christ’s actual words, we can be closer to him once again. Followers of Christ or potential followers will be stunned about all their missing in their live if they’re not truly living the truth of Christ!

The time has come for this Hashtag Generation to make a choice. Hashtag Faith will teach you how to cling to Jesus or face the consequences of falling away from Him and His word forever!


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